April 15, 2014

field notes, mmxiv-iv-xv a.m.

Well, dang. The black dog and I were looking forward to dancing under a blood moon, but I got the time wrong and we only caught the last quarter. Mother Nature frowns on tardiness, but she gave us partial credit, which means any earth-magic we practice in the next half-year will be four times harder than it could have been, but still four times easier than if we hadn't tried at all. Lesson learned: double-check the schedule.

I haven't done any astrophotography but I'm not too discouraged by this shot with the Super Takumar 200 f/4; there's enough detail in the shadows to suggest that with a tripod and some exposure finagling we might get it right next time. We'll try again in October.


  1. I caught the first quarter-

    1. Mother Nature frowns on early departures, too, but she understands her inhabitants' need for sleep. Partial credit - quarter-strength earth-magic for you, too!

  2. So weird how this image looks like an animated gif.