January 27, 2018

horse notes, mmxviii-i-xxvii

Scud and Chief, Leda, and Blanca (aka Polly). Chief and Blanca both walked right up to me today, which has happened before with Chief but was quite a breakthrough with Blanca. She even let me scratch her shoulders and butt a little. Leda was super cool about haltering; I made a point of breathing and grounding myself as I approached her and she really seemed to appreciate it.

January 25, 2018

so long museum, mmxviii-i-xxv

My favorite thing about working downtown over the past several years has been easy access to the Blanton museum - it's right across the street from my office, and it's free on Thursdays. Since this is my last Thursday at my current job, I made one final lunchtime pilgrimage today. It was harder than I expected. I mean, sure, I'll be back - it's just a train ride away - but, you know, gulp, every visit left me feeling like I'd learned something new.

snippets, 1-25-2018

Initiation song from the Finder's Lodge (Whiskey River). Wow.

Ursula Le Guin on the truth of fantasy (Myth & Moor). (Do not miss the quotes hidden within the images when you place your mouse over them.)

January 24, 2018

snippets, 1-24-2018

"...if thou wear the habergeon or the hair, fasting bread and water, and if thou saidest every day a thousand Pater Nosters, thou shalt not please Me so well as thou dost when thou art in silence, and suffrest Me to speak in thy soul."
- Margery Kempe (c. 1373-1438)

January 20, 2018

horse notes, mmxviii-i-xx

Scooter and Rosie, Joy and Willow twice. Rosie's may be leaving soon, which is a bummer; she's sweet and quiet-minded. I spent some time with Chief this morning - we had a nice connection. (In the bottom picture, Willow had spotted a coyote on the other side of the fence - I only caught a glimpse as it ran off.) 

January 18, 2018

snippets, 1-18-2018

If you would read the Bible (3 Quarks Daily).

Reading The Odyssey to my four-month-old (Hyperallergic).

'Trash girl' won't back down (TreeHugger).  "...if they are going to call me trash girl, they can say it with respect." Right on.

January 17, 2018

snippets, 1-17-2018

North and South Korean teams to march as one at Olympics (NY Times). Awesome!

Fun fact: I spent much of the 1988 Seoul Olympics on the DMZ but I was able to attend some of the equestrian events.

January 15, 2018

horse notes, mmxviii-i-xv

We have some nasty weather coming in, so I got to learn how to put on turnout blankets this evening. (We had to wait till sunset because the front was dragging its feet and we didn't want anyone getting overheated.)

trail notes, mmxviii-i-xv

new bird - a spotted towhee!

January 13, 2018

horse notes, mmxviii-i-xiii

this place is seriously cool

January 11, 2018

trail notes, mmxviii-i-xi

snippets, 1-11-2018

Saving the wild horses of the American west (New Yorker).
"Only a small number, about twenty-five hundred a year, are ultimately adopted."
(Donatello was one.)

January 10, 2018

bus notes, mmxviii-i-x

The express routes have changed so in the past few days I've been seeing parts of the city I normally don't.
I might have to explore down here a while after I retire.

January 9, 2018