October 14, 2017

lesson notes, mmxvii-x-xiv

Had to say goodbye to Hot Shot day - he's going back to his previous owner.

October 13, 2017

snippets, 10-13-2017

Too much love: is it partnership? (Relaxed and Forward) Nice.

One day a while back my nerves were frayed by a lousy work week, compounded by the rush-hour traffic and construction on the way over. I figured I could get all that fixed by deploying my mystical equine guru skills, but when I walked up to Hot Shot with my grooming bucket, he just walked away. Heh. That was a good lesson.

(A little out of scope but since I'm thinking about it, the clearest message I've ever heard from him was, "Take off those dang sunglasses, mister.")

Oh, check this out (it's from August 2015 but I ran across it via BoingBoing just today):  EquiFACS: The Equine Facial Action Coding System.

October 7, 2017

horse notes, mmxxvii-x-vii

(Fancy, Stormy, Lady, Joy and Hot Shot)
No lesson today - lunged Hot Shot lightly for about ten minutes. He looks good but he pulled up with his front right leg a couple times - not sure whether he's just stiff or if he has something else going on. We took it super easy. 
(Guinea eggs - they were off in the lower meadow.)

October 4, 2017

horse notes, mmxvii-x-iv

an hour with Hot Shot and Lady
the guinea is sitting on a clutch of eggs in a patch of buffalo gourd vines

October 3, 2017

snippets, 10-3-2017

The dogs of the Vietnam War (NY Times). "...although it appeared that the dogs were being instructed, it was the soldiers who were actually being taught...Our training instructors seemed to take a perverse pleasure in informing us how dumb we were compared with the dogs."

October 2, 2017

snippets, 10-2-2017

Tom Petty rushed to hospital in cardiac arrest (People). Just yesterday while I was out with Ondine somebody was playing the live version of "Free Fallin'" LOUD and I was loving it. I'm gonna go listen to "Room at the Top" now. Dang it.