March 25, 2020

garden notes, mmxx-iii-xxv

over the winter I mulled chopping a branch of the eve's necklace
that overhangs my slackline but that didn't seem right
and now it's spring and I'm glad I didn't

trail notes, mmxx-iii-xxiv

March 24, 2020

ranch notes, mmxx-iii-xxiv

brushed enough hair from Cora to knit a mini-mule

March 22, 2020

trail notes, mmxx-iii-xxii

snippets, 3-22-2020

I spent a year in space, and I have tips on isolation (NY Times). Excellent, and also kinda mind-bending: who'd have thunk someday we'd have spacemen teachin' us how to stay home better?

March 21, 2020

family notes, mmxx-iii-xxi

PJ and Amy came by to pick up some stuff;
we talked from opposite sides of the patio fence. It's been a while.