July 11, 2020

saturday notes, mmxx-iv-xi

bren made some more masks
sōsuke supervised

July 10, 2020

ranch notes, mmxx-vii-ix and x

Cora was a sweet girl yesterday when we were hanging out 
and she was a good girl for her hoof trim today.
She has a couple sore bumps from vaccines on Wednesday. Have to keep an eye on those.

July 3, 2020

ranch notes, mmxx-vii-iii

this mama doe has two fawns

July 2, 2020

snippets, 7-2-2020

How a black cowboy became a disinformation target (NY Times). Heh, stealing a police horse would be like stealing Maximus from Tangled.

June 30, 2020

happy birthday sōsuke!

he's a year old today