May 29, 2020

ranch notes, mmxx-v-xxix

looks like Dexter's gonna be moving in with Scud, Rumor and Koby
Cora was totally pretending she wasn't watching Wremi in the arena

May 26, 2020

ranch notes, mmxx-v-xxvi

actually the slug was in our driveway before I went to the ranch
the lizard was sound asleep - no way I could have gotten that close otherwise

May 22, 2020

mule notes, mmxx-v-xxii

Cora behaved nicely, if reluctantly, for her hoof trim this afternoon, but afterward she was pretty determined to have her own way for a while.

May 13, 2020

ranch notes, mmxx-v-xiii

Cora likes the purple flowers. 
Rumor's so old he fell asleep pushing Wyatt around.

May 4, 2020

ranch notes, mmxx-iv-iv

bottom pic l to r: Fancy, Leda, Koby, Wyatt, Rumor, Summer, Scud, Willow, Wremi, Aria and Mia
(hard to see Koby, Wyatt and Rumor but they're there - Scud is back by the round bale)
Susan got Cora a mask and this was her first day with it - might be a little small
but she seems OK with it for now

May 2, 2020

trail notes, mmxx-v-ii

I ventured out a little further from home this morning.
Way too many unmasked huffers and puffers on the long regional trail
so I'll be sticking with paths less traveled a while longer.