November 25, 2017

lesson notes, mmxvii-xi-xxv

Summer photobombing Leda.
Leda had some osteopathic work done yesterday so we just did some light lunging in the round pen, and then I switched to Fancy for some bareback riding in the arena. My back was sore this morning so I was having some trouble getting my posture right, but Fancy was moving a little better than the previous time I rode her. (I'm OK with slow progress...I was getting a little frustrated but Kelly is really good at helping find keys to tricky locks.)

November 18, 2017

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lesson notes, mmxvii-xi-xviii

Had a nice lesson and trail ride with Leda. Today was a work day at the ranch, with lots of volunteers and a detachment of soldiers from a local National Guard unit. Warm and windy.

November 17, 2017

snippets, 11-17-2017

Epistemology (3 Quarks Daily).

Also, two lovely essays (and accompanying photos), connected by patience and breath: Finding Your Voice (Myth & Moor), and Trust: A Suspension of Disbelief (Relaxed and Forward).

Not related, but cool: Getting a dog may save your life, especially if you're single (Bloomberg).

November 16, 2017

snippets, 11-16-2017

Most of us, I believe, admire strength. It's something we tend to respect in others, desire for ourselves, and wish for our children. Sometimes, though, I wonder if we confuse strength with other words - like aggression and even violence. Real strength is neither male nor female; but is, quite simply, one of the finest characteristics that any human being can possess.
- Fred Rogers, The World According to Mr Rogers, 2003

November 12, 2017

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A little more Leda time. The plan was a half hour of grooming, a half hour of round pen and a half hour of grazing, but it was more like 45 minutes of grooming and 15 minutes of round pen before the grazing. Probably a better "getting-to-know-you" balance - and she was really good in the round pen. She seemed quiet and content today - lots of lip-smacking and sighing. Oh and hey, this weekend is the anniversary of my first trip out here. :)

November 11, 2017

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trail notes, mmxvii-xi-xi

snippets, 11-11-2017

For the love of dog (The Guardian). "Mossy's first word was dog. His second was Amen, so he did well."

November 9, 2017

yeehaw, mmxvii-xi-ix

José Guadalupe Posada, Don Quixote's Skeleton, c. 1910-1913
(From a quick visit to the Blanton. I thought the cuirass was a nice touch.)

November 5, 2017

horse notes, mmxvii-xi-v

Got to spend some time with lovely Leda this morning. 73 degrees, overcast, beautiful. (That's Willow and Aria in the second picture.)

November 3, 2017

snippets, 11-3-2017

Enough (Whiskey River). One of the reasons I walk the dogs twice a day. Also, the coda on this one is awfully funny if you spend a little time around a musically inclined three-year-old.