April 26, 2019

field notes, mmxix-iv-xxvi

pygmy chafers have super cool antennas

April 24, 2019

garden notes, mmxix-iv-xxiv

power lines above our back yard

April 23, 2019

mule notes, mmxix-iv-xxiii

Cora Adventuremolly found herself some tall grass today and had herself a time

April 15, 2019

wide views, mmxix-iv-xiv

Doeskin Ranch nature preserve
and five mares and a molly (l to r - Fancy, Leda, Summer, Cora, Aria and Willow)

April 14, 2019

holler, mmxix-iv-xiv

this little girl has a mighty roar

trail notes, mmxix-iv-xiv

(One of my sisters likes tiny flowers - the cluster in the second picture is smaller than a dime.)

April 8, 2019

garden notes, mmxix-iv-viii

If you look closely at the stem in the middle of the top picture of this Japanese hawkweed plant you can see a tiny grasshopper (or maybe cricket) nymph. How little? My (ill-kempt) fingernail is just behind the flowers in the picture below. I did the comparison for the sake of the flowers - I did not see the little nymph until I was looking at the picture on the computer screen.