April 30, 2014

april 2014

153.89 miles in April. I've been taking Ondine out early and Pan after work. I did a couple long solo walks early in the month, too.

Nice weather, lots to see this month. It's going to start warming up soon, so we'll be dropping the mileage back, but gosh, what a fun month this one was.

It wasn't all roses bluebonnets; I had to take the mini to the shop and I had to see a dermatologist, blah, blah. Work was hard. Apart from those few things, though, wow, it was a month for the memory book: my dogs, my wife, my kids, my grandbaby. So much to be grateful for.

April 28, 2014

April 27, 2014

ondine, a turtle and a pair of black-bellied whistling ducks

A good walk.

These guys were growing right out of a patch of pavement:

April 26, 2014

penny, mmxiv-iv-xxvi

field notes, mmxiv-iv-xxvi

Allergies are stomping on me today. Grass, I think. I don't suffer much from the cedar (juniper) or other common central Texas maladies, just some occasional spring/early summer stuff. I feel bad for all the folks who have year-round issues.

April 25, 2014

penny and ondine

I am told today is the Feast of St. Mark. We had rice and beans.

Earlier today I found myself standing in nothing but a pair of flowery underwear in front of a couple of female health professionals. I thought they were only going to be checking my ear.

penny, mmxiv-iv-xxv

cactus flower

April 21, 2014

April 20, 2014

April 19, 2014


field notes, mmxiv-iv-xix

We found a hidden shortcut to one of our favorite greenbelts today. 

April 18, 2014

field notes, mmxiv-iv-xviii

penny and bren, mmxiv-iv-xviii

Happy Birthday, Amy!

it's like they know me

Whoa, there's a new exhibit coming to the Blanton: In the Company of Cats and Dogs. I've always wanted to curate a show featuring animal photo-bombing (painting-bombing, I suppose) - so many lambs and chickens and kittens and dogs that the artists included just for a laugh. When you start looking for them they're everywhere. This show seems a little more straightforward, but I'll be there! (The show's announcement mentions anthrozoology in passing; I've looked at UT's website, but I don't see it anywhere as a separate discipline. I'll have to keep an eye out...)

Unrelated, but also cool: Good Friday pilgrimage to ChimayĆ³ (h/t dangerousmeta). It would be interesting (and humbling) to walk there from Goliad...

moss rose and bluebonnets