March 30, 2019

March 27, 2019

ranch notes, mmxix-iii-xxvii

on the way to the ranch and JB & co

March 26, 2019

mule notes, mmxix-iii-xxvi

Cora had a dentist visit today - the doctor said she has really good teeth. Yay!

March 21, 2019

March 20, 2019

happy spring! mmxix-iii-xx

the robber fly in the bottom picture is eating a tiny grasshopper

March 18, 2019

garden notes, mmxix-iii-xviii

from yesterday - PJ came for a sleepover Saturday night

scribbles, mmxix-ii-xviii

graphite and conte

March 14, 2019

March 13, 2019

trail notes, mmxix-iii-xiii

Filled up the bike tires for the first time in years and toodled down to the lake park - about six and a half miles round trip. I should ride more often if only because it's a beautiful bike, lol, but I always feel guilty about recreating without bringing a dog or two or a mule or a grandchild along.

garden notes, mmxix-iii-xiii

March 5, 2019

trail notes, mmxix-iii-v

hang in there, spring
(we've had two nights of mid-20s with one more coming)

March 2, 2019

garden notes, mmxix-iii-ii


mule notes, mmxix-iii-ii

Cora and agarita.
We're in for the coldest few nights of the winter early next week, ugh.

March 1, 2019

critter notes, mmxix-iii-i

You really can't go wrong with Mother's California Gold paste wax. 
(We traded the mini for a lightly used Kia Forte today.)