April 30, 2018

trail notes, mmxviii-iv-xxx

ranch notes, mmxviii-iv-xxx

I moved two round bales into paddocks this morning - serious tractoring. :)

April 29, 2018

snippets, 4-29-2018

Happy Birthday, Hair! (NY Times)

I've never seen the play but I love the movie.

April 27, 2018

ranch notes, mmxviii-iv-xxvii

The mule let me brush her! She glows.

April 26, 2018

ranch notes, mmxviii-iv-xxvi

I've named this hen Lacey. She follows me around - she likes to share Rumor's grain.
The lizards are spotted whiptails - there are lots of these around the ranch.
Rosie's turn to nap, in pretty much the same spot where Dude was napping the other day.

April 25, 2018

ranch notes, mmxviii-iv-xxv

Blanca/Daisy and Willow. I am fond of these creatures.
We had a farrier visit today and they both behaved, mostly. 

April 23, 2018

April 20, 2018

ranch notes, mmxviii-iv-xx

Pretty Joy and Willow were galloping up a storm this morning.
Also, I got to drive the tractor today - first time! Check out that parking job. :)

April 19, 2018

April 17, 2018

ranch notes, mmxviii-iv-xvii

There were tons of bees and butterflies on this perfect antelope horns milkweed growing on the exposed rocky slope in the boys' pasture. (Koby's like, "Whatcha doin', mister?")

In other news, Sunny nibbled on my beard today and oh yeah, found a turtle!

That's Chief. He's not nibbling; we're just breathing.

April 14, 2018

garden notes, mmxviii-iv-xiv

An egg case separated from its mooring by today's high winds.

trail notes, mmxviii-iv-xiv

April 13, 2018

when i'm 54, mmxviii-iv-xiii

Ancient and venerable king of the ranch Rumor tips his bowl to share his grain with this chicken every morning. (The top picture is from this morning, the bottom one was Wednesday.)

April 12, 2018

ranch notes, mmxviii-iv-xii

bumblebee, honey bee, gray hairstreak, Chief, Scud