December 31, 2017

trail notes, mmxvii-xii-xxxi

Chilly end of the year; it was around 40 degrees for Ondine's mid-morning walk, and 30 by the time I got out with CĂș in the late afternoon.

December 24, 2017

trail notes, Christmas Eve 2017

(I liked how a small spot of sunlight broke through to find Charlie Brown.)

December 23, 2017

horse notes, mmxvii-xii-xxiii

Horses from top to bottom: Donatello, Koby and Rumor, Leda and Willow. The cool mule is only staying briefly - she's heading out to the mountains of New Mexico soon.

December 16, 2017

garden notes, mmxvii-xii-xvi

trail notes, mmxvii-xii-xvi

wax notes, mmxvii-xii-xvi

Mother's California Gold carnauba paste wax.
Five stars, man. Highly recommended.
minis too

December 11, 2017

trail notes, mmxvii-xii-xi

Took the day off to see two different doctors. All's well. Steady on. Woohoo.