February 28, 2020

mule notes, mmxx-ii-xxviii

a quick walk beyond the gate and then back to graze the good stuff

February 25, 2020

ranch notes, mmxx-ii-xxv

a skittish warbler and super tiny mushrooms

February 23, 2020

trail notes, mmxx-ii-xxiii

a nice afternoon hike near the dam

February 18, 2020

trail notes, mmxx-ii-xviii

I wish I could send you a snapshot of what these mountain laurels smell like.
We used to describe it as grape Kool-aid but that's not right -
more like the thing in nature grape Kool-aid is trying to pretend to be.

ranch notes, mmxx-ii-xviii

Cora and Dexter

February 17, 2020

random notes, mmxx-ii-xvii

ranch notes, mmxx-ii-xvii

New girl! The ranch owner rescued a 19-year-old Arabian mare from a kill pen.
She's under quarantine for a while. She seems curious and friendly.

February 16, 2020

trail notes, mmxx-ii-xvi

from a 3-mile hike with Bren along the Brushy Creek trail

February 12, 2020

garden notes, mmxx-ii-xii

this is my favorite kind of dove, an Inca dove
they rarely come to the house and they're flighty, so i haven't gotten a good picture of one before
(there are two - if you look at the bottom right corner
you can see the head and shoulders of the second one but it's obscured by leaves)

snippets, 2-12-2020

George Washington saw a future for America: mules (Smithsonian)

February 11, 2020

cat notes, mmxx-ii-xi

trail notes, mmxx-ii-xi

a cold wet day so
Cú and i went hunting for early bluebonnets
but all we found was a tree-eating bulldozer and a kite-eating tree
(Cú is the only one of our dogs who is OK with riding in cars)

February 7, 2020

ranch notes, mmxx-ii-vii

all heck broke loose right after that last picture of the girls -
if you look close at Fancy you can see it coming

February 6, 2020

ranch notes, mmxx-ii-vi

Summer is cool
(Fancy, Leda, Hope and Dexter in the background)

February 4, 2020

ranch notes, mmxx-ii-iv

Cora, Fancy, Summer and Leda

February 2, 2020