May 31, 2012

may 2012 stats

Month 2012-05
Activity Run
Count 12
Total Distance (miles) 28.90
Total Run Time 6:02:31
Total Ascent (feet) 1640
Total Descent (feet) 653
Total Calories 3864
Average Distance (miles) 2.41
Average Run Time 30:13
Average Ascent (feet) 137
Average Descent (feet) 54
Average Calories 322
Average Pace 12:33/mile
Fastest Pace 6:06/mile

Month 2012-05
Activity Walk
Count 28
Total Distance (miles) 54.89
Total Walk Time 17:04:02
Total Ascent (feet) 4358
Total Descent (feet) 2055
Total Calories 5625
Average Distance (miles) 1.96
Average Walk Time 0:36:34
Average Ascent (feet) 156
Average Descent (feet) 73
Average Calories 201
Average Pace 18:39/mile
Fastest Pace 8:57/mile

bren and pan


now that's a lens flare

here's more like what i was after:

crepe myrtle flowers floating in a kiddie pool

May 28, 2012

sleepy pan

Pan likes sleeping on cool, hard surfaces. He doesn't seem to care for pillows or blankets or beds.

sandi's first 5k. and a deer. and thistles.


May 25, 2012

evening sage

snippets, v-xxv-xii

One of the best magazine articles I've ever read: I, Turbo.

May 24, 2012

field notes, v-xxiv-xii

I've recently started taking more treats on our walks - it's not that I was skimping before, but Ondine pulls less strenuously and loses her interest in cars a lot faster when I increase the frequency of the rewards.

Lately she flops over and rolls in the grass every time we go to the park. She gets up and continues walking right away, but the flop has become a ritual.

A beefy yellow lab and some sort of slobbering baskervillian hound were wandering unattended as we left the park tonight. They caught sight of us from a hundred yards away and charged but I squared off with them and hollered, "No! Go home!" They backed down. Ondine stayed calm throughout but as we turned to go she seemed grateful that I took charge of the situation. (My next move would have been to throw a handful of treats in their faces. Kind of a Hail Mary but sometimes it works. I stopped a beagle in his tracks that way once.)

fergus and pan

May 22, 2012