March 31, 2014

field notes, mmxiv-iii-xxxi

The dogs and I just wrapped up our highest mileage month, with a total of 132.93, a little over four miles a day. This year's goal was to average three a day, and so far, so good, with 103 in January and 100 in February. March was exceptional - we had a good start and kept up the momentum. Pan's starting to drag a little on the warmer afternoons; we'll have to start going out later and backing off the mileage as it gets hotter.

March 30, 2014

penny in the bluebonnets

...and behind the scenes:

No babies or bluebonnets were harmed during this photoshoot.

field notes, mmxiv-iii-xxx

March 25, 2014

pan, mmxiv-iii-xxv

snippets, 3-25-2014

"...Our life is simple and innocent. We are untouched by ambition, and what pride we have is due only to our contemplation of the work of our hands. Malice cannot touch us, nor envy attack...I am a happy man."

"I am sure you deserve to be," I smiled.

"I wish I could think so. I do not know how I have deserved to have a wife who was the perfect friend and helpmate, the perfect mistress and the perfect mother."

-The Moon and Sixpence, W. Somerset Maugham