May 25, 2019

ranch notes, mmxix-v-xxv

a nice early afternoon walkabout with Cora

May 24, 2019

mule notes, mmxix-v-xxiv

Adventure Girl worked herself into the bushes behind one of the therapy group's paddocks. She impressed me by backing herself gently and serenely and then coming to stand still beside me. I told her she was a good girl and she left to go eat some the grass behind the old manure piles.

snippets, mmxix-v-xxiv

Be here now: focus on the task (Anna Blake)

May 23, 2019

trail notes, mmxix-v-xxiii

from a bike ride along the Brushy Creek Regional Trail

May 18, 2019

mule notes, mmxix-v-xviii

Cora behaved superbly for the veterinarian yesterday.
She was lethargic today after all her shots.

May 12, 2019

mule notes, mmxix-v-xii

a hangin' out day
just a little currying

field notes, mmxix-v-x

There was a volunteer work crew out at the ranch clearing some brush for a new therapy space. I was afraid they had cut down this ancient native Eve's Necklace but thankfully it was spared. (It's in a scruffy patch with some agarita, creeper vines and junipers growing in and around it so it's easy to miss, unless you're one of those giant early spring bumblebees that always knows exactly when they're blooming.)