April 18, 2014

it's like they know me

Whoa, there's a new exhibit coming to the Blanton: In the Company of Cats and Dogs. I've always wanted to curate a show featuring animal photo-bombing (painting-bombing, I suppose) - so many lambs and chickens and kittens and dogs that the artists included just for a laugh. When you start looking for them they're everywhere. This show seems a little more straightforward, but I'll be there! (The show's announcement mentions anthrozoology in passing; I've looked at UT's website, but I don't see it anywhere as a separate discipline. I'll have to keep an eye out...)

Unrelated, but also cool: Good Friday pilgrimage to ChimayĆ³ (h/t dangerousmeta). It would be interesting (and humbling) to walk there from Goliad...

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