January 31, 2011

my storied career

Recent developments in my job have convinced me that I need to accelerate my career switch by an order of magnitude. Something in the next week or two would be best, but a quick skills assessment reveals that I'm not particularly qualified to do anything. That's the downside of being a generalist; you're OK at a lot of things but not great at any of them.

Sigh. Well, barring turning back time a quarter century and majoring in mechanical engineering instead of Creative Writing and Chinese (yeah, I know), maybe I should reflect on what I like to do. The parachute thing:

1. I like hanging out with my wife and kids.
2. I like hanging out with my dogs.

Not much help so far.

3. I like taking pictures.
4. I like riding my bike.
5. I like hiking.

Yup. Still nothin'.

6. I like reading.
7. I like writing.

Mm-hmm. Go on.

8. I like having a sense of purpose, a mission.
9. I like helping people in need.

Not really seeing an office with fluorescents here. What I'm actually seeing is the volcano on the island of the Wauponi Woo.

I asked my brother if I and Ondine could come stay with him should I happen upon a job in Colorado. He said sure, but the temperature was minus one, and what about the rest of the clan? I told him they would wait till it warmed up a little. Then, in the interest of full disclosure, I mentioned that Ondine steals scones from the kitchen counter and that she digs a little and he said he thought she might be happier at my youngest sister's house 'cuz they already have dogs. :)

On the novel front, I don't think it's a novel after all. I think it's something different, and I need to let it become whatever it wants to become.

So, yeah, life's a-changin'.


  1. 'generalist' sounds familiar to me too but my degree is French/Sociology. Not so real-world helpful....but seemed like a good idea at the time. I'd love to join you on Wauponi Woo if you have room.
    : )

  2. I took one of those useless online personality/career tests (even though I'd already taken it before), just to see if some magical answer would appear this time.
    I guess the point of this story is that I have much less of a clue than you do.

  3. Me too! Wauponi Woo here we come!

  4. We're gonna need better luggage.

  5. No luggage--no baggage.

    Annie's dog also steals biscuits from the counter.

    How about forest ranger?

  6. I looked into that this morning. I don't have enough experience.