January 30, 2011


From back when we first ventured forth from our cave out onto the savannah together.


  1. clan of the cave dog!

  2. ...all spiky after her first bath.

  3. Mark,
    Have you read the Clan of the Cave Bear series yet, by the way? (One of my new favorite series, by the way--only just discovered it last year). She's coming out with the sixth and last book in March, in case you're interested. Also, I thought of you yesterday when I heard tomorrow's high is supposed to be zero degrees. It's about time we get some cold weather around here--64 the other day was just stupid. Cool wolf photo, too!

  4. I read the first one a long time ago. I didn't know there were six of them!

    We were right around 80 yesterday. Your front is supposed to roll in tomorrow and make us miserable for a few days.

    I'll tell Ondine you think she's cool. :)