2017 books

Links on this page are to the editions I've read; just trying to keep track.
This blog is uncompensated.

April 2017
My Horses, My Teachers, Alois Podhajsky, 1968.
Beautiful Joe, Marshall Saunders, 1893.
The Secret of Platform 13, Eva Ibbotson, 1994.
The Souls of Black Folk, W.E.B. Du Bois, 1903.

March 2017
I Capture the Castle, Dodie Smith, 1948.
King of the Wind, Marguerite Henry, 1948.
Star Maker, Olaf Stapledon, 1937.
The Happy Horse, Tania Kindersley, 2016.

February 2017
Lumen, Camille Flammarion, 1897.
Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen, 1803.
The Iron Heel, Jack London, 1908.
Binti: Home, Nnedi Okorafor, 2017.

January 2017
Germinal, Émile Zola, 1885.
One Wild Bird at a Time, Bernd Heinrich, 2016.
Herland, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, 1915.

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