July 14, 2017

snippets, 7-14-2017

Common sense about horse communication (Relaxed and Forward). "Be curious in silence."

Tania Kindersley, in The Happy Horse, shares a similar sentiment: "...the really great horsemen and women have the gift of stillness. One of the greatest presents you can give to your house is to leave it in peace..."

Beyond communicating, I believe there's even more going on here. John O'Donohue, as quoted in Terri Windling's blog post, The philosophy of compassion (Myth & Moor): "Because the animals live essentially what I call the contemplative life, maybe the most sacred prayer of the world actually happens within animal consciousness."

I might have more to say on this topic but I think I'll just shut up and practice.

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  1. Those are certainly insightful comments. we should pay attention-