July 29, 2017

lesson notes, mmxvii-vii-xxix

15 chickens! Yay!

Hot Shot was a little squirrelly when we were grooming - not argumentative or anything, more like playful -  but after we got into the arena he seemed to get really quiet. Zen quiet, you know, all awareness - probably because Kelly helped me get out of my own head. I mean, I have to stop thinking about the parts and learn to feel the whole. Learning to ride is a whole different set of things than I imagined when I was starting out about ten months ago - it's not just about learning what to do, but more about how to be - and it's not enough to know how to be, but actually, you know, moving into that space and being that, if that makes sense. 

I've had some fun learning experiences in my life (who by their half-century mark hasn't) but this has been right up there at the top. Hoping to do lot more.

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  1. yes, it makes perfect sense. a good place for you to be...