May 3, 2017

more snippets, 5-3-2017

"...what may be above this grass belt I know not yet, for our view ends at the top of the wall of the great S.E. crater. My men say there are devils and gold up beyond, but the German authorities do not support this view. Those Germans are so sceptical."

"My face and particularly my lips are a misery to me, having been blistered by yesterday's sun, and last night I inadvertently whipped the skin all off one cheek, and it keeps on bleeding, and, horror of horrors, there is no tea..."

"It is...advisable, if you wish to produce an opinion generally acceptable in civilised circles, to follow the usual recipe for making opinions -- just take a prejudice of your own, and fix it up with the so-called opinion of that class of people who go in for that sort of prejudice too. I have got myself so entangled with facts that I cannot follow this plan, and therefore am compelled to think..."
- Mary Henrietta Kingsley, Travels in West Africa, 1897


  1. whew--dehydration==physical and mental

    1. And no tea! Sheesh.

    2. how is one supposed to cope??