April 5, 2017

snippets, 4-5-2017

Berkeley's 'Hate Man' spread a message of love (The Guardian). "Maybe I'm a lot like Jesus. But I give out cigarettes instead of miracles." Rest in peace, sir.

I've been thinking lately about how some people (cough cough) might wear their kindness and gentleness as a shield. The solution, seems to me, isn't to go the opposite route and start being mean, but instead it's to let the shield down, be a little vulnerable, and allow people to be as kind to you as you're willing to be to them.

(Truth be told, a horse taught me that.)

Kinda sorta related: Activists with homes who sleep on the street (The Guardian). Compassion, or "spiritual voyeurism"? (Gutsy, either way - these guys may not be "all in" like Hate Man, but jail cells and court dates are daunting too.)


  1. Learning from horses is a good thing.
    I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of "stuff"--daunting.
    and, learning to say "yes".

    1. Yes - the horses have been teaching me things I didn't know I didn't know.