December 31, 2016

one more trip around the sun, mmxvi

584 million miles for Mother Earth.
83 dog-walking miles for the month, 1702 for 2016.

New Year's resolutions and goals: an old friend reminded me that where you spend your time reflects what you value, so I'm keeping it simple this year and resolving to spend my time only on things that are important. Practically speaking, that translates in order of diminishing hours to: work, sleep, family time, dogs/exercise/health, making art and reading, and learning about horses. It strikes me that life would be better if I could merge the first category with one of the last three - you know, do what you love. (Note that I'm not including any time spent on screens, social media or pop culture generally. The electronic world is weird.)

But even more practically, I should probably resolve to go see my dermatologist again this year. And I'd still like to be able to do a handstand.


  1. I never could do a cartwheel. or play the guitar (nobody told me it hurts).

  2. well, on the cartwheel-that is long gone.
    guitar?? hmm