August 19, 2016

snippets, 8-19-2016

Dont' run (and don't laugh) (Good). "As long as we avoid training courses that veer near junior high schools, we generally don't get much verbal abuse." 6:20/mile for 20K? That's insane.

Seeing what my muscles can do (NY Times) ." kid, bored but inspired by all the deltoids and pecs, stood up and said, 'I’m going to go do handstand push-ups.'" Heh. My goal for my upcoming 54th year on the planet is to do a handstand. I've been doing some bear-walks and frog-hops (for shoulder mobility, baby steps), but CĂș keeps jumping on me whenever I get down on the floor.


  1. Did not know there was such an Olympic "sport", but then, TV does not show
    everything. We do get more than enough of beachball volleyball-yawn.
    synchronized swimming is weird. We would like some prime time equestrian.

    1. Synchronized weightlifting might be fun to watch.