March 10, 2016

snippets, 3-10-2016

When you poison your own people, deny the science that shows the problem and then don't race to fix it--the Galactic community wonders if classifying humans as sentient was the right move.
More likely the Galactic Community classifies us as toxins.

We can affirm and deny almost anything of the ether - that it is immaterial, and yet the source of all material; that it is absolutely motionless, yet the cause of all motion; that it is the densest body in nature, and yet the most rarified; that it is everywhere, but defies detection; that it is as undiscoverable as the Infinite itself; that our physics cannot prove it, though they cannot get along without it.
The Breath of Life, John Burroughs, 1915
Dark matter is the new ether. Now tell me more about this heavy beauty antiquark (h/t dangerousmeta).

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  1. "that it is"--rewrite it as a poem (or song) with "that it is" as the refrain...