March 3, 2016

museum notes, mmxvi-iii-iii

There's a small garden with plum and redbud trees behind the Blanton I like to visit in the spring; some years are better than others, depending on the weather. The view from above from inside the museum caught my eye this year. 

The current show is called Come as You Are: Art of the 1990s. I was surprised at how many of the featured artists are my age - apparently they all did their best work in their 30s, lol. (Come to think of it, most of my paintings date from that era, too.) Some of the pieces are sublime, others are dreck. The sofa above (PepĆ³n Osorio, 1990) broke my heart. I should learn to exercise more caution in museums; art can be dangerous.


  1. is there a translation for the sofa?

    lovely girls in the tree :)

    1. Yes. It's sad. But at the time I just read the salutation and closing.