November 18, 2015

a fair toddler

Before PJ left this evening she saw me putting on my walking shoes and said, a walk? A walk, a walk? I told her she was leaving now but that yes I would walk later and asked which dog I should take. She said Finn. I explained that Finn is Sarah's dog, which is why when grandma and grandpa and PJ go walking we take one of the other dogs, but she was insistent. I said CĂș? She said Finn. Pan? Finn. Ondine? Finn. We looked at each other and then she turned and left the room and ran down the hall to the front door and came back with Finn's leash.


  1. So-- did Finn get to go for a walk?

    1. lol, dang, I knew I'd get called out. No - Finn was nowhere near as enamored with the notion as PJ had been, and the BCs would have revolted.

    2. Isn't communication great?!