October 6, 2015

snippets, 10-6-2015

Wandering, truant (Plaeroma) - footpaths in Wales. (See also: 10 things Sweden does right regarding the Allemansrätten.)


  1. My wife visited a friend in Sweden a couple of years ago and came back in love with it. Sounds like it really has its act together. High on my list of places I'd like to visit.

    And many thanks for the link to Plaeroma--I'm honored. That people have responded to that post is a great reminder to me that it's about the experience, as always, though I still manage to forget it often enough.

    1. One of my brothers has visited; he has a writer's cottage by the sea all picked out.

      You're more than welcome for the link! :)

    2. A writer's cottage by the sea in Sweden really sounds perfect.