October 20, 2015

field notes, mmxv-x-xx

When we first moved here we used to see huge flocks of monarchs every October, but their numbers have been dwindling over the years. Last year I saw maybe a half-dozen, all floating up high. I saw a couple earlier this month and this one today - I was keeping an eye out because the Parks and Wildlife Department this morning tweeted that there were some at Mother Neff SP, near Waco, about 100 miles north. This one was fluttering along some old grape vines on the junipers at the edge of an open space, right at sunset. We'll look again tomorrow. (It saddens me that my granddaughters may never see the big migrations...)

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  1. I've planted some milkweed to try and help them. It's not much, but at least it's one tiny step I can take (and if we all took one tiny step . . . )