August 28, 2015

field notes, mmxv-viii-xxviii

Saw a large and awfully beautiful eastern yellow-bellied racer on the trail this afternoon, olive above and bright yellow below, perfect for this time of year. A mockingbird tagged politely along behind, hoping, maybe, to see what the snake might scare up?

On my way out with Pan we saw the bright orange-pink ball of sun sink and dissolve into heat shimmers, and on our way back we saw the full, bright purple-pink ball of moon floating up over the park like a balloon; a dozen whistling ducks flew over west to east to meet its rising.

Later, after dusk, a pair of late-season fireflies flashed as CĂș and I passed.

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  1. my dove seems to have 2 babies in the nest. We saw her in the street-at the curb-
    with one of the youngsters this noon.
    Of course, our driving into the driveway spooked both of them