August 31, 2015

exercise notes, mmxv-viii-xxxi

180.1 miles for August, as follows:
Alone - 62.79 miles (22 walks)
Ondine - 56.58 miles (26 walks)
Pan - 41.7 miles (25 walks)
Cú - 22.96 miles (19 walks)
Spiritual meltdowns and the loss of a friend earlier this month had me struggling with some difficult questions; I thought I might find some answers by doubling my usual mileage. Call it a pilgrimage-in-place. It was hot.

I don't like taking the dogs out when it's much more than 90 degrees, so I walked alone more often than usual. We've been going easy with Cú because his foot has been slow to mend; he had a minor surgery this month and is now on a third round of antibiotics. When we get that under control his mileage will be up there with the others: he takes great joy in walking.

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  1. hard for any/all to walk when over 90 degrees.