June 10, 2015

say hi to Cú

Looks like this boy is moving in with us. He was found as a stray up north of Fort Hood on Saturday: no microchip, all the local rescue organizations were full, and his next destination was the pound.

His foreleg, teeth and face were injured, and he's extremely thin. He had a dozen speargrass spears buried under his skin and between his toes. Bren took him to work this morning and got him checked over: no broken homes, and heartworm negative - that's miraculous in these parts. His lower left canine is broken and will have to be extracted, and he has a skin infection. We will have to get him neutered, too, but, all in all, it looks like with a little kindness and care he will be fine. The vet thinks he's about nine months old. He's 32 pounds now (Pan's size), but we're guessing he might get up to around 50 - he has very big paws.

Hasn't shown a hint of any prior training, but seems eager to learn. He's very mellow. Introductions with Pan, Ondine and Finn couldn't have gone more smoothly. He seems a little smitten with PJ, and he's indifferent about the cats. Within a couple hours of his arrival, he fell asleep with his head in Bren's lap. (I suspect that says as much about Bren as it does about the dog, lol.)

We're calling him CĂș after the dog in Song of the Sea. :)


  1. Yes, he does look as though he's yearning for a forever family.
    How do you pronounce "Cu" (with the accent mark)?

    1. Who found him as a stray? Was he brought to Brenda's vet?

    2. A nice young family unaccustomed to dogs, relatives of a client.