February 19, 2015

snippets, 2-19-2015

Eight reasons grackles are awesome (Texas Monthly). May I offer a ninth? They eat fire ants!

One of my favorite grackle experiences was on a little-used trail up near Granger Lake several years ago. For a few hundred yards the trail passed beneath a canopy of tall, tall trees filled with screaming grackles; it seemed like there were hundreds of thousands. They could have picked my bones clean.

I enjoyed the author's thoughts on mockingbirds, too - few things are funnier than seeing a businessman in a suit running in fear from a four-ounce bird. They're fierce little dudes, but they're not all that dangerous. I saw one attack an elderly saffron-robed Buddhist monk; he laughed about it like a little kid - it was glorious.


  1. At the beginning evening of our last snowstorm, when it was still cold rain, we saw a lone, puffy robin on our front steps-trying to sip some icy water from a shallow puddle.
    A day or so earlier, we had seen him under a leafless bush and then again on a bare branch of a front tree. Haven't seen him since--yet.

    1. Robins rarely come into our yard - we usually see them at the park or along the trails.