September 15, 2014

good news!

A couple weeks ago I realized with a start that it had been months since I'd seen a grasshopper. That seemed especially strange since at certain times of year around here it's hard not to look like Pigpen from the Peanuts in a cloud not of dirt, but of bugs. Since then I've been keeping my eyes out, and finally spotted this little fellow on a prickly pear pad yesterday afternoon. For the sake of the birds and the frogs, let's hope it's just a cyclical dearth.


  1. Stephen says he has all the grasshoppers--but not so many bees.
    Our sage plant has bees (and they also like mint)

  2. I have both--must be doing something right. Although I feel sorry for the grasshoppers--one of my cats is always hunting them. :(

  3. We have plenty of other bugs - cicadas, crickets, wasps, bees. Maybe fewer moths and butterflies than normal.