September 20, 2014

field notes, mmxiv-ix-xx

After an early walk with Ondine I got the bike out, pumped some air into the tires and rode a 10k to the lake park and back. It's been a while. I was worried that because the bike's been sitting so long I'd have to adjust the shifter (a fiddly operation on a Sturmey-Archer 5-speed hub), but it worked fine. It was a nice ride, although at one point it came to me all of a sudden that I'm well into my 50s...when did that happen? (I'm fantasizing about riding to grandbaby Erin's house for a Sunday morning breakfast, but I'll have to find a safe route - some of the road crossings are daunting - and get in better riding shape . That's probably more like a 30k round trip.)