June 5, 2014

lunchtime walkabout, mmxiv-vi-v


Downtown is a drag this week - there's a big ol' X-Games event blocking off Congress just south of the Capitol, and dozens of Central Texas high schools are running back-to-back graduation ceremonies at the Erwin Center. Lots of traffic.

At lunch I cut through the Capitol grounds to the X-Games venue but the crowds and the barriers creeped me out, so I turned back. I like the cowboy statue (historical X, with horses), and I thought my sister might like to see one of the grand old magnolias.


  1. Which sister? Because this sister is pretty impressed by that grand old magnolia!

    1. Well, I was thinking Annie. I thought you were into sequoias. ;)

  2. That is a magnificent tree & I do love magnolias. We had one that bloomed the first year but then never again...and then...it died.