April 10, 2014

snippets, 4-10-2014

Cockroaches injected with DNA nanobots. Umm, sure, what could go wrong? Kind of like trying to build a star in a bottle on a government budget. Next thing you know we'll all be living in a binary system.

Meantime, a recent Nat'l Geographic headline informs us that "science is running out of things to discover." It's so stupid I'm not even going to link to it. (Besides, I'm just too busy - Ondine just buzzed me to meet her at the transport station; she wants to go for another jog on Kepler-62e. I think she has a crush on the little seven-eyed gretalpuff we met last week on our visit to the southern mist-shore.)


  1. Emma is doing a research project on genetic engineering...very scary stuff in the works out there!!