December 31, 2013

year-end review and next year's goals

The dogs and I walked 775 miles this year. That's two-thirds or two-sevenths of where I'd like us to be, but I'll take it. It's enough to be able to tell my doctor I walk a half hour a day. (I have the best doctor in the world. His prescription for everything is to avoid sugar and salt, eat cooked vegetables, and walk 30-45 minutes most days.) Our goal for the upcoming year is to surpass this year's total. I'll take what I can get.

2013 was mostly a crummy year - a rough winter and spring at work and a not-so-great fall at home - but the dogs pulled me through. I'm grateful for them every single day. Some people are good at helping others. Others think or paint or write or sing. My best self is the one out walking a dog.

My other goal for 2014 is to simplify. That's all.

Happy New Year!

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