December 3, 2013

upon leaving work one early december evening


  1. Blue sky!!

    1. For now...cold weekend coming.

      For spatial reference: I spend many of my waking hours in front of a computer about 40 yards east of the flag pole in the top picture; if I had looked straight out my window at the moment I was taking this picture I would have seen myself in the parking lot. (How Whovian, huh?) The pecan tree in the second shot is one block west of my evening bus stop; I can sometimes be found at lunchtime on Thursdays in the museum behind (and across the street from) it.

    2. We have the cold--all through the week And weekend--
      highs only in the teens--if we are lucky. We had about 4 inches
      of snow into this morning--the neighbor up the street used his
      snow blower to clear his own and 3 other neighbors' driveways--yay.