November 20, 2013

fawkes and whiskers

K-01, Super Tak 55/1.8.

Brief lens/camera evaluation: the 55/1.8 has oodles of character, but it's not as sharp as the 35/3.5. Haven't used the 135/3.5 or 200/4.0 much, but I like what I've seen so far. The longer focal lengths are just too hard to use with the LCD. I might get more use from them if I get a Swivi. Overall, I got a lot of good old glass for $70.

As for the camera, I like the IQ. The focus peaking feature is nice, but I don't really like using it; I'd rather trust my eyes. The focus zoom-assist is helpful, but all things considered I think I'd be happier with an OVF.

Aspirational? A K-3 with the HD 20-40mm and the DA* 60-250mm, maybe. That combination would run around $3,700. That's not bad when you're talking about quality camera gear, but it's roughly ten times what I paid for the K-01 and four Super Takumar lenses. I think I'm OK for now - but if a blue K-01 fell into my lap, I'd be tickled pink.

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