October 29, 2013

snippets, 10-29-2013

Best music video EVER: Sesame Street's Cow Dog Song. :)

Also: The laugh's on me.

And then there's this: Quantum experiment shows how time 'emerges' from entanglement. Yup.


  1. 1. Great song! Sesame Street gets it.
    2. "flouted"??
    3. I myself am working on the time/no time in eternity deal.
    thought, movement, conversation,etc=all work in linear time.
    However, events like beauty, love, goodness seem to exist in a kind of "bubble"--no tim
    We sometimes say (seeing a sunset--) that we wish it would last "forever" and that feeling
    is in the timeless bubble. hmmmm

  2. I myself am a fan of flouting.