September 20, 2013

snippets, 9-20-2013

A jewel at the heart of quantum physics. Buddhists have known this for a long time: the Buddhist mantra, "om mani padme hum," means "the jewel in the heart of the lotus." Physicists are arriving mathematically at a place the monks found a long time ago. (Heh. I note that last sentence is built on a foundation of space and time. Hey, whatever. I am, for now, embodied.) But, this is interesting. It implies that we're manifestations of a universe that knows itself, unconstrained by space and time. Maybe there's an answer to the question, "Why?" And maybe we already know the answer.


  1. "unconstrained" = eternity??

  2. my "now" is never quite "unconstrained"---how's yours?

    1. But if you take time and space out of the equation, there's nothing between now and eternity.

  3. and that's the scary part.