August 28, 2013

aw, they gussied up the place

First day of Sarah's final semester! The university lights up the tower for special occasions - graduations, important scientific discoveries, and victories in intramural sporting events. Today's "17" is intended to welcome the incoming Class of 2017, though I doubt many of them got out of bed this morning early enough to see it. (Not to worry; the university deploys squadrons of both professional and student photographers at the beginning and end of every semester to capture images just like this, which they then give away FREE with the purchase of every new textbook. Ha ha ha.)


  1. Hooray for Sarah! We are proud of her for sticking with it.

    Free! ha--with the pricey textbook--hmm.

    1. Yeah, they're not giving anything away. (Well, they do have free admission to the museum on Thursdays - shhh, don't tell the legislature!)