February 16, 2013

field notes, ii-xvi-xiii

Ondine had her annual exam this week. The doctor says her leg looks great; he doesn't feel much difference in the musculature of her good leg and her bad one, and her weight is perfect. Long walks help a lot.

I took both Ondine and Pan out for four-mile walks today. Mid-60's and clear, and they both behaved beautifully. A memory-book day. (Pan is always good - he reminds me of Frosty and the forest walks we shared a quarter century ago.)

We've been babysitting Odin a lot. Pan and Odin play hard together, and Odin is relentless - we've seen a few clear demonstrations of "hounding." Ondine ignores him, even when Odin barks his deep, gruff bark in her face. She snarls him off every now and then, but mostly she's indifferent.

Odin was chewing on the hall table a few nights ago. Bren chased him away, but as dogs do, Odin went back to try again. Then Pan stepped in and said, "Mom said no," and wouldn't let him continue. He nudged and nosed and body-blocked Odin away from the table until Odin got bored and left. Border collies are cool.


  1. Good news for all dogs.

  2. handsome crane (?)

  3. I acted sad when Aidan was in the chewing stage and he chewed on things like that. It worked.

  4. We still have an end table Henry chewed in his puppyhood...now that he's gone, we just can't seem to part with it! Love those old tooth marks!