January 26, 2013

field notes, i-xxvi-xiii

I gave Ondine a week off earlier this month, so Pan is actually a couple miles ahead on their monthly totals. He's great fun to walk. Ondine is back in a harness; we accidentally discovered that she slows down if we loop the leash an extra time under her belly. We only have to do it on streets that make her anxious, like our own. Once we're away from traffic, she's fine and easy.

Pan got to meet a black vulture today, but both he and the vulture were more interested in the unlucky opossum it was eating at the time. Ondine got to meet a large long-bearded fellow. She didn't like him at first but was giving him hugs within a couple minutes. Goofball.


  1. pick me! pick me!

  2. I'm surprised the vulture even hung around to let Pan near his 'possum!

  3. We do that with Mack's leash sometimes...we put it down between his front legs so it's pulling across his chest...almost as good as a gentle leader!

  4. We tried it that way too but she just stops and lifts the paw of the wrapped leg and waits for me to unwrap her.

    From today:

    Little kid: Can I pet your dog?

    Me: Um, wait - she's a little nervous right now because your friend is coming right at us on his bike.

    (Child grabs Ondine's cheeks and shoves his face into hers.)

    Little kid: The leash is wrapped around her body.

    Me: Yes, we know. It helps to slow her down.

    Little kid: But the leash is wrapped around her.

    Me: Uh-huh, right. It helps calm her down.

    Little kid: OK but the leash is going underneath her.

    Me: Right. It's OK, we did it on purpose.

    Little kid: You sound like Tracie's dad.