December 30, 2012

stuff we learn from cats

Fawkes likes to lay on my keyboard. It's warm. But occasionally this leads to strange computer things - he apparently searched for the phrase, "B-19" the other day, and one of my newest browser bookmarks is "oooooouuuuuuuu...." (which continues on for about four thousand characters). This morning I shooed him away and discovered that he had opened a program called "Scratchpad" and typed a short, coded message. I didn't know I had a program called Scratchpad.


  1. lol-our JoJo does that all the time too! I usually have to close about 16 screens after I shoo her off!

  2. Ha! That's so funny! Maybe he really knows what he's doing there. Snow loves to sit right in front of me when I'm on my laptop, and she conatantly puts her cheek up to my lips for me to kiss her. It's seriously cute. No typing though.