December 9, 2012

field notes, 12-9-12

We've been averaging 15 degrees warmer than normal lately but a cold front is supposed to drop us 40 degrees in a matter of hours this evening, with a hard freeze tomorrow night. I took Pan for a long Sunday walk in jeans; it was 77 and balmy when we got home so I switched back to shorts to take Ondine out.

A litter of squirrels is fledging in our backyard - we've been seeing a large one followed by an assortment of smaller ones. This morning five of them were playing together in our neighbor's tree, and they've been chasing each other across our roof all day. They're driving the dogs insane.

(The pumpkin pic is from Pan's walk.)

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  1. Awwwwhhhh. Don't feed them. They are hard not to fall in love with (at least for me).