November 30, 2012

november 2012 stats

Month 2012-11
Activity Walk
Total Distance 88.59 miles

Miles per dog: Ondine - 51.08; Pan - 33.95; Fergus - 8.18.

My iPhone 3g couldn't handle the last upgrade of my running app, so I downloaded a more basic one. It doesn't record the details (average speed, etc.) as neatly as the old one, but it works. I just log the totals into a spreadsheet.

Astute adders-upper will note the mpd total is greater than my total distance; Pan is gaining a gaggle of escorts. Well deserved, too. He's excellent on walks. I think we'll keep his average around a mile a day until he's a year old, but we mix it up a bit - his longest this month was a 5k. Fergus was ill for several days, but he seems to be on the mend. I came up shy of my goal of three miles per day. Work has been a drag and I'm not really enjoying the earlier darkness. I might have to get some LEDs or reflectors for the dogs. Maybe go south for the winter.

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