October 13, 2012

field notes, x-xiii-xii

As the rain chances were projected to climb throughout the day, I took Pan out for a long walk early. We had some broken clouds blowing over, remnants of dawn showers that dampened the ground and increased the humidity; it was a little warm and stuffy when the sun broke through in patches. Pan was fantastic. He's great on walks.

Soon after, I took Ondine out. 77.7 degrees, 83 percent humidity, overcast at 2400 feet. Everything was still and quiet. Ondine was content to stay close by my side on a slack leash instead of her usual two inches beyond the end. We had a for-the-memory-book walk. At the halfway point, we crossed a field strewn with tiny saffron-colored flowers. I'd walked the same route earlier with Pan and hadn't noticed them - I got the sense they had opened in anticipation of the coming rain. Or the flower fairies were just ahead scattering saffron petals all along our route, all the way to its end.

Ondine likes to stream her face through tall grass. Pollen makes her all, you now, happy.


  1. I like the flower fairies. The cloud men are giving us a good soaking this afternoon--70's predicted back in the coming week.

  2. our dog loves to...ahem...pee in the tall grass. I think it's a back to nature, out in the wild, jungle thing...