August 18, 2012

field notes, viii-xviii-xii

I took Pan out for his first solo neighbourhood walk this morning. (We've taken him to a couple of local parks for a few short walks, but this was his first time on streets.) The weather was hot and humid, but overcast, so not too bad. Pan did great. He was a little concerned about cars, and a crowd at a garage sale made him a bit nervous, but he never fought the leash. He seemed a little frazzled, hot and overstimulated, by the time we got home. Might be better to scale him back to a half-mile at a stretch for now (we went about a mile this morning), but he behaved terrifically.

When we got back to the house Ondine was nosing her leash, so I took her out next. We were about a mile and a half from the house when it started raining. We hadn't expected that, but it wasn't coming down too hard and there wasn't any lightning, so we kept on walking. We pulled up once or twice under oaks when the showers turned to downpours, but it really turned out to be the kind of summer rain one dreams of walking in. O took great delight in splashing through the curb-streams and in her post-rainwalk rubdown with a fluffy towel.

[The rain has gotten heavier as I'm writing this, with some lightning and thunder. Glad I got the dogs out early! This is our first significant rainfall since the storm in early July that clobbered our tree.]

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  1. Hooray for your rain!! and the dogs enjoying it.
    We (and the western fires) could also use some of that precip.